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Review: Doug Anderson [Sydney Morning Herald 9 March 2010, p.19]

.. when a new management structure was implemented, Tanaka rebelled. The revised corporate mindset demanded unswerving loyalty that amounted to submission. Tanaka said no, refusing to participate in compulsory calisthenics. He argued against other stupid company policies and stood up for unfairly dismissed workers. The firm responded by ordering his transfer to a distant regional facility. Again Tanaka said no and was sacked. For almost 25 years he has mounted a vigil outside the factory gates, demonstrating his individuality as an inspiration to others whose right to democracy within the workplace is being compromised. One determined man can make a difference.

Tanaka Tetsuro and supporters

Believing he was sacked unjustly from his job as an engineer in a big Japanese corporation, Tanaka Tetsuro has protested outside the company gate every morning for twenty-five years. Is he an obsessive? What compels him? After meeting him on the internet the filmmakers travel to Japan in time for the 25th anniversary of his protest. They discover that in a world that places a premium on conformity, Tanaka-san has found a way to become himself.